Hello It`s me 😛

My Name is Mikyla, and I am the Hostsister and best friend forever of Kimia.

One day Kimia came into my maths class and asked if she could sit with us, I thought    “ She is so nice and beautiful, I will say yes. “ So I said yes and she has been stuck with me ever since.

The first thing we ever did together was watch the movie Vacation in the Cinema, it was a really weird movie and it was a little bit awkward for both of us. But in the end I found out she wasn´t from India like I thought: (Just kidding) Because it was winter, the next thing we did, was we went skiing. It was so fun! And the rest is history because now she lives with us in the crappy little room downstairs. But she has a really nice, five star bathroom so she should be happy.

But now, the fun times have come to an end, and she will be torn from my empty cold arms and return to India or something.

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Love you Kimia



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